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Since 1995, Freelancers Union has been on a mission to advocate for and support independent workers. We know that freelancers are a unique workforce with a unique set of challenges that are largely misunderstood by the rest of the world. We fight to make sure independent workers have everything they need to do their work on their terms, giving our 500,000+ members a powerful voice through policy advocacy, resources, and community.

Membership provides you with access to a full-service support system we have designed to help you succeed as an independent worker. Becoming a member is free and open to all freelancers in the U.S. of all backgrounds and experience, from graphic designers and contractors to entrepreneurs and moonlighters.

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Insurance access

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We strive to create a support network for freelancers like you. Our monthly SPARK meetups in more than 20 cities are run by freelancer leaders who understand the freelance hustle. Be a part of our community by joining a SPARK meetup in a city near you.


Freelancers Hub hosts free workshops on everything from financial management to brand-building. Whether you are getting started as a journalist or want tips on the best artist grants to apply for, there is a Hub event for you.


We know freelancers are special, and we won’t rest until everyone else does, too. From the landmark inclusion of self-employed people in unemployment insurance benefits in the CARES Act to the Freelance Isn’t Free Act in NYC, Freelancers Union has made huge gains for the freelance community. By joining the Union, you add your voice to the freelance community and give more power to our collective movement.

Got an issue you're passionate about? Get in touch and find out how we can work together to make a difference.


All Freelancers Union members are invited to contribute to the #1 blog for freelancers.

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