Mutual Benefits for Independent Workers

There was a time when health insurance was a relatively simple proposition – community members joining together and each throwing a little in the pot to make sure they had each other's backs when times got tough.

But now, most insurance is a complicated mess of forms and headaches and dissatisfaction. So, while Washington was having a cage match over health care reform, we built a social-purpose insurance company.

At Freelancers Union, we're trying to bring back the roots of insurance. Let's call it "insurance classic." By coming together as an insurance pool, we're also coming together as a powerful political constituency – one that will serve the needs of all the nation's 42 million independent workers.

At heart, we want insurance to be three things:

  1. More affordable
  2. More responsive to your needs
  3. Aimed laser-like at making you healthier

Freelancers Insurance Company – a social-purpose company wholly owned by the nonprofit Freelancers Union – covers over 23,000 New York freelancers and their families for about a third less than other options.

Mutual Benefits

That's a great start – but only a start.

We expect to open a new "medical home" in Brooklyn to provide our members with coordinated, affordable primary care under one roof. In 2014, we'll be sponsoring nonprofit, member-driven CO-OP health plans in New York, New Jersey, and Oregon.

The message and the movement are spreading.

"Insurance" and "idealism" might not seem like they go together – but, then again, neither do "freelancers" and "union."

I hope you join us on this journey.

--Sara Horowitz
Founder and Executive Director, Freelancers Union