New tool lets freelancers rate clients and companies

Clients: can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em! Over the years, freelancers have been sharing the challenges that they face in working with clients (a big problem being nonpayment) and we realized that, with an organization this big, we could really do something about it. That’s...


Who, Us? We're Just a Powerful New Union, That’s All.


If you didn’t catch all the reporting-from-the-scenes #LobbyDay action on Twitter last week, I’ll fill you in on one our most successful advocacy actions yet! Last Tuesday, dozens of brave, dedicated freelancers got up before dawn and braved the rain to lobby for the Freelancer Payment Protection Act...


Launch of new political club

There's a new political club in Queens called the Community Empowerment Democratic Association (CEDA), which aims to proactively tackle the issues facing the local community and the country through political engagement - helping out or learning the ropes on who has power and who makes decisions (and reclaiming that for...


Guess what? I'm a lobbyist.

Freelancers Union member Lynn Stabile wrote this post before Tuesday's super-lobbying-field trip to Albany - it's a great reflection of why some 60 folks got up before dawn to go with her!albany-lobby-day-may-17-2011-089.JPG

I didn't really know what lobbying was. I'd never looked it up, and just had...


Cool or corporate coworking?

Where do you do your work: home, a café, the park? Ever think about doing any of your work at a coworking space? A recent New York Post article, “Space odyssey: NYC coworking spots from cool to corporate” gives you the scoop on a variety of places to check out...


Join 3rd Ward at their Original Prices

3rd-ward.png Quick announcement from one of our New York discount partners!

In celebration of its 5th birthday, you can now join 3rd Ward at their opening-day prices You’ll gain access to a world of coworking possibility plus save up to 30% off their current rates. Hurry! This Throwback Sale...


Happy Small Business Week!

Are you a small business owner (sole proprietors count)? Well, it’s time to celebrate you! May 16-20 is National Small Business Week, which has been celebrated for nearly fifty years. Who knew? There are approximately twenty-seven million small businesses in the U.S., and they create up to eighty...


Too Old to Be a Designer?

It must be something in the (youthful, spring) air that had both our policy guru Gabrielle and Creative Freelancer Blog's Laurel Black thinking about age on the same day. Gabrielle noticed some trends being reported in the news showing that older workers are facing particular employment challenges recently, and...


Toward a Self-Replicating Movement

Balin Brandt is a San Francisco-to-Brooklyn transplant with big ideas about freelancing and how to build a sustainable movement that treats freelancers well. He's also one of the members we featured in our Spring 2011 New York City subway ad campaign.You can find Balin's work at...


Bringing the Style ... with Glee

Gabriela is one of the members profiled in our Spring New York City subway campaign. She became a full-time freelancer in 2009, and was profiled in our Spring 2011 NYC subway campaign. You can find out more about her and her services on her website.

I have always dreamed about...


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