Your calls and votes already made a difference!

Ever wonder what all those election emails, phone calls and mailings got us this past fall?

Well, today I’ve got a good answer.

Last fall we endorsed a lot of fantastic candidates, and some of the best were those that were running for the first time, in open seats...


Thanks, volunteers!

Last night's volunteer thank-you event was a good-time-had-by-all kind of party, and not just because we saw a certain tall, sunglasses-wearing basketball celebrity in the elevator on our way up to the lounge.

There was a mix of volunteers old and new, from people who've probably worn through...


Lesson learned . . . . Ouch.

This week, a friend of mine who wasn't feeling well went to see the doctor, and the doctor thought she really ought to go to the Emergency Room to see about getting some additional tests.

"I don't have any insurance," my friend said. "Where should I go?"



Yikes! It’s tax time (again)

If you have no clue when it comes to filing your taxes but want to make sure you’re squared away with the tax man, Freelancers Union is here to help you and is offering both an online and an in-person seminar to show you a clear path toward tax...


Donate to Haiti

Our hearts go out to those in Haiti who are suffering so much. We are trying to find ways for freelancers to help, and I invite you to visit our Get Involved page to donate to the relief efforts.

I know this is a difficult financial time, and not everyone...


Build Your Marketing Machine

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to grow your business and get new clients, you’ll need a strategy and a marketing plan, which is where we come in. Freelancers Union’s January 20 seminar in NYC, Build Your Marketing Machine, shows you how to expand your...


Feedback from Fantastic Freelancers

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from our last survey of people’s awareness and perception of Freelancers Union, and we’d like to thank those of you who took part. Here are a few choice morsels:

  • Most of you aren’t aware of the discounts that are available...


Looking for a gig?


You may have noticed that the gigs section of the Freelancers Union website has changed. Although the old gigs section received a lot of traffic, members told us that they had trouble linking up with good jobs. So we’ve shaken things up and added a few new features: improved...


Bookkeeping Basics

It’s often challenging being a freelancer (can I get an “amen”?), but some aspects don’t have to be. Freelancers Union is offering a seminar series this spring to help you more efficiently conduct your business, starting off with an online seminar (or webinar, if you will), Bookkeeping Basics...


When do we become a movement?

I'm one of those people who never saw On the Waterfront . . . or any Marlon Brando film, for that matter. I don't know how many like me there are out there, but it doesn't make me feel very cool. So I'm trying to correct that. Actually, my...