Freelancer benefit tomorrow (January 7)

This week, you can make a huge difference for one uninsured freelancer.

Accessing affordable health insurance is by far one of the greatest obstacles that freelancers face. In fact, 47% of respondents to Freelancers Union’s 2009 advocacy survey said it was their greatest work obstacle—above a lack of...


Temp workers leading the way to recovery?

I just came across this recent New York Times article that highlighted something we’ve been hearing from members for some time: as the economy begins to recover, employers are not re-hiring people that were laid off or taking on full-time employees; instead, they are turning to temp workers or...


Good things to you

Wishing all you freelancers, temps, independent contractors, part-timers, and self-employees a happy, merry, joyous, festive, healthy, hearty, peaceful, productive, cozy, restorative, restful, and loving holiday season and new year. At least those are the things on this blogger's wish list.

So what's on yours?

Send your story, wish...


Self-employed get a boost in Canada

Just this week, Canada moved toward making self-employment more equitable, with Parliament passing the “Fairness for the Self-Employed Act”. Beginning on January 31, 2010, Canada’s 2.6 million self-employed workers can sign up for access to Employment Insurance benefits which they can begin utilizing as soon as January 1...


Hey NY State Freelancers...important news about your insurance.

It’s hard not to follow the debate around national health care reform, huh? I wasn’t able to sit down for Thanksgiving dinner without a heated discussion with my family, and I expect the upcoming holidays to be no different. In a lot of ways that’s a good...


Paying more to get paid on time?

It’s outrageous. According to a recent Gawker post, many freelancers out there are expected to pay a portion of their hard-earned money just to get paid on time. So, rather than waiting the typical 60 days to get paid by Time Inc., for example, you could let them take...


New York Times gives advice for open enrollment

New York members who get insurance through Freelancers Insurance Co. are in the annual open enrollment period right now. Having gone through staff open enrollment myself, I think the New York Times makes a great point about the open enrollment experience, if you can call it that: it's no...


Discussing health insurance changes for 2010

The open enrollment period for health insurance started on Tuesday, and I’ve read many posts on the blog, forum, and member chatter about the 2010 plans. The overwhelming response has been to the increase in monthly premiums and the changes to benefits on all five plans, and I want...


Attention Massachusetts Freelancers

Will you no longer be able to do independent work in the state of Massachusetts? According to an organized group of freelancers in the state, a new law could make it impossible for you to be hired as a freelancer. Misclassification of true employees as independent contractors results in a...


Post election wrap-up

Since we endorsed Mayor Bloomberg for re-election last month dozens of Freelancers Union members got to work to ensure that his campaign was successful.

Two Thursdays ago, over 30 volunteers from Freelancers Union got together at the Midtown office of Mayor Bloomberg’s re-election effort, and hit the phones. Not...