Get your solopreneur groove on

Not able to make it to San Diego this past August for the Creative Freelancer Conference, of which Freelancers Union was a sponsor? No problem! You can still get all the great tips with the 2009 Complete Conference Package, a collection of MP3 recordings and each speaker’s PowerPoint slides...


This American Health Care System

After the housing crisis last year, Chicago Public Radio’s This American Life took an in-depth look at how it came to be in their episode The Giant Pool of Money. They explained mortgages, foreclosures, and the global economic system in a way even a former English major with limited...


National Health Reform: what change will come, and when?

With Monday's announcement from Majority Leader Reid that a public “opt-out” option will be included in the Senate bill to be brought to the floor, I’m increasingly hopeful that some type of meaningful health care reform will pass.

As we’ve blogged before, our approach to national heath...


Trick-or-treat! Taxes due Monday.

This fall, freelancers’ mailboxes were stuffed with the happy news that they’ll be expected to make an additional tax payment on November 2. Since we first mentioned it in July, we’ve all agreed that the new Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax (MCTMT) will be as fun to pay...


Freelancers Insurance Company one year later

It’s almost a full year since we launched FIC, the social-purpose insurance company that serves our members in New York. Out there, on the open market, things are as difficult as ever for the independent worker. The system still favors employer-based groups over the individual, with prices often starting...


We're for Mayor Mike!

I’m originally from Chicago and I grew up hearing the phrase, “vote early and often”. Now that was usually said tongue-in-cheek, (unless we’re talking about a former Governor who has a fantastic head of hair), but I digress. In New York City this election season has offered voters...


Guided by principles? Heather Graham? Wall Street?

Have you seen MoveOn's latest video in support of a public option? Heather Graham (playing the public option in a pair of running shoes) sure looks good compared to all those big, lazy insurance companies. You can tell she's different, and as the voice-over tells us, "a public...


How's the economy affecting you? Take our survey to let us know.

In last year's survey of over 1,500 independent workers, 19% of respondents had become freelancers because of a lay-off (while 33% started freelancing because it's standard in their industries). Has this number increased over the past year?

Every year or so, we need to take the pulse...


Trick-or-Treat totes

You’re never too old to do a little trick-or-treating, and if you do decide to go, you need to equip yourself with the right tools, namely, a sturdy tote to carry the goods.

Contribute $40 or more to the Freelancers Union Political Action Committee before October 31 to receive...


9-29-09 Runoff Roundup

Well Tuesday's runoff resulted in one more Freelancers Union endorsed candidate winning and the other falling short of victory.

Congratulations are in order for Brooklyn Councilman Bill de Blasio who swept the field in the runoff and is now strongly favored to be our next Public Advocate.

De Blasio...