Attention Massachusetts Freelancers

Will you no longer be able to do independent work in the state of Massachusetts? According to an organized group of freelancers in the state, a new law could make it impossible for you to be hired as a freelancer. Misclassification of true employees as independent contractors results in a...


Post election wrap-up

Since we endorsed Mayor Bloomberg for re-election last month dozens of Freelancers Union members got to work to ensure that his campaign was successful.

Two Thursdays ago, over 30 volunteers from Freelancers Union got together at the Midtown office of Mayor Bloomberg’s re-election effort, and hit the phones. Not...


How do you say "Us, too!" in Dutch?

Looks like the Netherlands and Freelancers Union are of a single mind again. (Who could forget our amazing transcontinental campaign to rename the orange tulip "Labor of Love" in honor of freelancers everywhere?)

A Dutch think tank has recently recommended developing a national unemployment protection system (pdf) of its own...


4K of you are about to have Brad as your Councilman.

One of the candidates we were most active in promoting this past election is incoming councilman Brad Lander (D-39th).Running for a council seat that takes in Windsor Terrace, Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Kensington, and Boro Park, Brad has over 4,000 members of Freelancers Union that will soon...


Watch tonight!

Freelancers Union is featured on tonight's NewsHour on PBS. Executive Director Sara Horowitz speaks out about the lack of a social safety net for freelancers, who make up one-third of the workforce. Get a preview and check your local listing for the time and channel.


Labor Issues in the 21st Century: NY event

Freelancers Union members can attend for free when they r.s.v.p. to Bookforum! (You also get a discounted rate for Bookforum subscriptions.)

Following every economic crisis, American labor has risen up to fight for reform. Where is organized labor now? Have American workers surrendered their expectations of in...


Get your solopreneur groove on

Not able to make it to San Diego this past August for the Creative Freelancer Conference, of which Freelancers Union was a sponsor? No problem! You can still get all the great tips with the 2009 Complete Conference Package, a collection of MP3 recordings and each speaker’s PowerPoint slides...


This American Health Care System

After the housing crisis last year, Chicago Public Radio’s This American Life took an in-depth look at how it came to be in their episode The Giant Pool of Money. They explained mortgages, foreclosures, and the global economic system in a way even a former English major with limited...


National Health Reform: what change will come, and when?

With Monday's announcement from Majority Leader Reid that a public “opt-out” option will be included in the Senate bill to be brought to the floor, I’m increasingly hopeful that some type of meaningful health care reform will pass.

As we’ve blogged before, our approach to national heath...


Trick-or-treat! Taxes due Monday.

This fall, freelancers’ mailboxes were stuffed with the happy news that they’ll be expected to make an additional tax payment on November 2. Since we first mentioned it in July, we’ve all agreed that the new Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax (MCTMT) will be as fun to pay...