When will the self-employed get a (tax) break?

I know we’ve been focusing a lot on the Unincorporated Business Tax (UBT) lately, which acts as an unfair double tax (taxing income as both business and personal income) for sole proprietors doing business in New York City. I also wanted to bring to your attention another tax that...


Freelancers left in the lurch

Unfortunately, we hear it all the time. “I work for a client who hasn’t paid me in months” or “The company I’ve been freelancing for never paid me.”

One particularly egregious story recently emerged about Inkwell Publishing Solutions, which left about 50 freelancers without their owed wages (totaling...


Beekeeping in Brooklyn

Maybe it’s because of our subway ads and the logo, or maybe it’s because people know how independent and energetic our members are, but I know many people who hear Freelancers Union and think, “Oh, the bee people!"

That is why a story in the New York Times...


Meet a Member: Rosemary Flannery, Producer & De-Clutterer

This week, I'm happy to revive one of our blog's vintage features: member profiles! To start us off, here's my interview with Rosemary Flannery, a lovely member we met at a focus group in New York. A client who blogged about cleaning his kitchen with Rosemary's...


Is UBT victory near? Assembly passes bill to provide tax relief to NY freelancers

We are thisclose to victory in one of our biggest political campaigns ever!

This week, the New York State Assembly passed A8615, which would provide tax relief to 17,000 New York sole proprietors, LLCs, and partnerships that currently pay the Unincorporated Business Tax (UBT). Those unincorporated entities earning less...


City Council Supports Fair Taxation for Freelancers

This week, the New York City Council voted on a Home Rule Message to allow lawmakers in Albany to pass legislation that would help thousands of freelancers. The City Council voted in favor of a proposal that would exempt freelancers earning under $100,000 from having to pay the Unincorporated...


PAC 'em in at the underground networking party

zach.JPG stairs.JPG guys.JPG old-man.JPG
Some of us are moving a little slower this morning . . . last night's PAC-fundraising-networking-event in Brooklyn kept us out late! Or maybe we're not so young as we once were.

We had a full house. Or should I say, a full underground-barroom. We networked - business cards were flying...


I left my heart in San Francisco (and San Jose, San Mateo, and Los Angeles)

California's freelancers have got it going on. Last week, two of us Freelancers Union staffers traveled through the glorious state of California to get a better lay of the land and the passions, needs, and concerns (you can take our survey, too) of our 7,000 Golden State members...


Freelance Politics: The Unincorporated Business Tax Campaign Heats Up

Freelancers might not know that something is happening right now in Albany to help 1099-ers make ends meet. Every year freelancers in New York pay millions to the Unincorporated Business Tax (UBT), paying over $162 million last year alone. If you’ve ever paid it, you know that with the...


A (coworking) room of one's own

Another coworking space has jumped on board with the Freelancers Union discount program. That brings us to 9 places freelancers can go that won't smell like coffee or sound like screaming children (okay, I like the coffee smell). We're really pleased to be partnering with the Brooklyn Creative...