What shapes our world more, art or design?

That’s the question we’re asking as one of the sponsors of the Art vs. Design competition. We know there are plenty of you painters, performers, photographers, fashion designers, graphic designers, and typographers out there who could use more exposure for your work, so be sure to make your...


Unemployment Answers for New Yorkers

For all you independent workers who are currently unable to access unemployment benefits, here's your chance to bring attention to the issue.  The deputy commissioner for employment security for New York State's Department of Labor, Nancy Dunphy, is taking questions this week on unemployment benefits through the City...


Awesome Tax-Policy Tuesday


If you were a freelancer in New York City yesterday, the place to be was at 250 Broadway, where City Council held a public hearing on exempting freelancers from the Unincorporated Business Tax.

Freelancers were spilling out the front doors. The room couldn’t fit everyone, but we kept smuggling...


Freelance Politics: National Health Care Policy

It's not surprising that as jobs and financial security are disappearing, health care is at the top of our personal agendas. We are asking how we can protect ourselves and if we can afford the health coverage we need. Freelancers already know what many of our fellow Americans are...


Flickrings of Spring: hit us with your best shot!


In California and New York, the Freelancers Union spring campaign is in bloom, cropping up on buses, public radio stations, and even way down in subway stations where the sun don't even shine.

Send your pictures of yourself and a Freelancers Union poster to takemypicture@freelancersunion.org to upload...


Good for business, business for good

For profit or nonprofit? Self-interest or altruism? Charity or solidarity?

If I told you I had a plan to make my living by starting a business selling lamps to villagers in Africa who currently use kerosene for light, would you think I was profiting off the poor?

What if I...


Thursday: Unemployment Webinar

Are you “employmentally challenged” (a term coined by Norm Elrod, an educated laid off worker)? You’re obviously not alone in these tough economic times, and as we continue to develop our unemployment protection proposal, we need to hear from you.

Tomorrow evening, we’re having a webinar (so wherever...


Recession Watch: Baby Boomers turning to freelancing?

“Freelancing” often brings to mind “a twenty-something graphic designer or computer whiz,” one member recently bemoaned to us. But those aren’t necessarily the people who are most hurt by this recession. One unexpected consequence of this recession may very well be an increase in the number of Baby Boomers...


Freelancers Union in 3 words

Word CloudHere at Freelancers Union’s business development HQ, we’re experimenting with new ways to gather input from our members. We've recently asked members to join the Product Test Team, and agree to take surveys, sit in on focus groups, and participate in in-depth interviews about new products that...


A message from Sara: The story of the freelancers’ 401(k)

For years, our members have been asking for help setting up their retirement plans. This is because today, the government expects independent workers to assume their own financial security. Traditionally, 401(k) retirement plans have been attached to employers, leaving freelancers with few alternatives but to build their own economic...