Word is Spreading about UBT – Have You Spoken Up?

Phones were ringing all day at Freelancers Union offices in Brooklyn when Mayor Bloomberg announced his proposal to cut taxes for freelancers. I take back what I said about an un-sexy issue: this one's got legs.

The news coverage points out that not only is the UBT generally unfair...


Tax Cut for NY Freelancers?

We are just bursting at the seams with good news these days! Okay, or at least steps-toward-good news. There’s still a recession, two wars, etc., etc.

Mayor Bloomberg gave his State of the City (New York, that is) address this morning, and he proposed ending or reducing the unincorporated...


Good News for the Youths in New York

Governor Paterson has proposed that youts (yeah, youts) up to age 29 to be covered as dependents on their parents’ insurance. Just a few months ago, Freelancers Union co-sponsored a public forum called Uninsured Young Adults in New York State. There are nearly one million of them. And while the...


New Year's Perkolution

We really don’t mean to be plugging our discount partners all the time, but we thought this was worth pointing out:The YMCA has waived its joining fee until February 2. New York Sports Club will waive joining fees January 1–31. Combined with the discount on monthly rates...


Freelancing Tool from Our Neighbors to the North


Another score for organization and innovation. FreshBooks, a business service and one of Freelancers Union’s discount partners, was just named one of the top ten international products of 2008 by ReadWriteWeb. FreshBooks offers a discount to Freelancers Union members nationwide: 30% off paid FreshBooks accounts and 50% off a...


Does this blog make me look bad?

Like many of you, we're keeping an eye on the blog, member chatter, and the forums. To be honest, it hasn't always been an easy read. Given the level of vitriol from a few of our members, some supporters have asked why we keep the negative comments on...


That’s What I’m Sayin’, Wall Street Journal

As this opinion piece in the WSJ circulated around our office this morning, it was a heartening to see the national conversation talk about the big-picture changes affecting our workforce and social safety net.

Senator Wyden and Dr. Emanuel write that our health insurance system is outdated because workers now...


Attention Holiday Shoppers: Independent Locals Featured in Craft Fair

If you’re were dreading shopping at the big chain stores for your holiday gifts, this Sunday brings a chance to participate in a more local, sane consumerism, not to mention support New York's creative class.

On December 7 from 12-7 pm, 3rd Ward & Brooklyn Based are hosting the Handmade Holiday Craft Fair. Since our members are eligible for discounts on membership and space rental at 3rd Ward, it's also a great time to scope out their facilities.

Over 50 local “artisans, craft mavens, and culinary masters” will be present, selling the standard fare of chocolates, jewelry, and soaps, as well as more quirky gifts like hula hoops, knives, and dog costumes. You can also indulge in comfort foods and “spiked drinks” while you deliberate over your shopping list.

Freebies for shoppers include:  gift bags; coffee; workshops in textile design...


FIC Plans: What if I’m hospitalized?

All five FIC health plans limit the amount you will have to pay out of pocket for a hospital stay. Let’s assume you go to a hospital that is in the BlueCard PPO® network:

  • If you are on one of the PPO plans, you will be responsible for your...


FIC Plans: What’s the difference between a copay and coinsurance? Do both apply at once?

A copay is a set dollar amount that you will pay each time you receive a service. For example, paying $30 or $50 each time you see your doctor for an office visit. For FIC’s PPO plans, if a copay applies to a specific service, no deductible or coinsurance...