Clean Slate with Clients for the New Year

Getting that outstanding invoice paid, thanking a favorite client, vowing to do your homework on new companies that offer you work – these are some good resolutions for freelancers wanting to start off the new year with a clean slate.

Client Scorecard (recently mentioned in this New York Times piece) is...


Scary Bad Clients

It’s almost Halloween, time to sit in the dark and tell your worst client horror stories. Use Client Scorecard to rate clients who were major witches or ogres, and tell your most hair-raising tale in The Freelance Life. The person who submits the best horror story gets a trick-or-treat...


Bartering for Health Care

Is it just me, or have you noticed more programs where you can barter art or manual labor in exchange for health care or dental work? I first read about this last year in DailyFinance, which outlined a program in which people could earn credits for each hour they devoted...


Court Rejects Settlement for Freelance Writers

In 2005, freelance writers won a settlement for copyright infringements from unauthorized electronic reproduction of their works, but this week, a federal Court of Appeals rejected the settlement, finding that not all persons bringing the suit had interests that were totally aligned, as reported in The Wall Street Journal.



Tips for Working from Home

workspace.jpgDo you work from home? Through the Freelancers Union Annual Independent Survey (2011), we found that 13% of independent workers spent 100% of their time working from home, with an additional 79% spending at least a portion of their work time at home.

A recent article, “No sleeping on the...


Balancing Multiple Jobs?

tightrope.jpgIt isn’t news to a lot of independent workers that Americans are increasingly holding down two and even three jobs, but we sure are glad that others are realizing it, too! DailyFinance’s “Part-Time Toilers: How Americans Earn Money outside Their ‘Day Jobs’” highlights the top ten industries with...


Are Career Prospects Finally Brighter for Young Graduates?

While some stats show that job hiring for recent college grads is looking brighter, the truth is a little more complicated.

Even though 19.3 percent more graduates are expected to get jobs this year than they did last year, according to a survey by the National Association of Colleges...


The Latest on the Freelancer Payment Protection Act (and a Bit of Civics 101)

This week, we came many steps closer to passing the Freelancer Payment Protection Act (A6698/S4129) in New York State. On Monday, June 20, the last scheduled day of the New York State legislative session, some Freelancers Union staff members took a last-minute road trip to Albany to do one...


DIY - Discount & $1000 Grant Opportunity

The DIY Business Association—a new organization that educates and connects freelancers, artists, and creative small businesses—kicks off with its first event on June 26 at DUMBO Loft and Etsy Labs.

The one-day event will bring together freelance communicators, musicians, innovators of art and craft, Internet and tech gurus...


Update on Freelancer Payment Protection Act

Our Freelancer Payment Protection Act is on the move!  In the Assembly, the bill has passed through the Labor Committee and Codes Committee and now rests in the Ways and Means Committee. And this was no easy feat. We are deeply grateful to Assembly Speaker Silver for sponsoring the bill...