The Art of Negotiation

All too often, I hear freelancers say that the deck is stacked against them when it comes to defining the terms of a new gig, and they feel reluctant to press their luck. After all, what leverage does a freelancer have when times are tough and the market is flooded...


Getting Played, Not Paid? Use a Contract.

You’ve finished your assignment, you’ve submitted your invoice, and then you wait…. and wait….. and…wait for your check. If phone calls or emails didn't work, you may have even considered going after your clients with butterfly nets or handcuffs. And still, no check. Instead of getting...


Would It Kill You to Pick Up the Phone?

pac-phone-bank-goal-blog-photo.JPGMarried to My Phone

I’m going to level with you. I make a lot of calls to a lot of members every week, and while many see it as a chore, it is singularly the most rewarding part of my job.

And I’m not the only one who...


Update: Meeting Minutes for March

The March 15 Monthly Member Meeting came and went on the heels of Daylights  Saving Time—leaving us with more hours in the day to work towards freelancer equality! Read the full meeting minutes.

Our Director of Advocacy and Policy, Althea, led a quick brainstorm on our Political Action Committee...


Update: February Member Meeting

As we (hopefully) wrap up a long and snowy winter here in NYC, there’s much to report on the Monthly Member Meeting front. At the member gathering on February 16th, we broke into small groups and the Sample Contract Working Group led a great conversation about what clauses should...


"A Year From Now, You May Wish You Had Started Today" - Karen Lamb

Fun times were had by all at the 2011 Volunteer Thank You Party last week. With heaping baskets of brie & crudite, yummy (and complimentary!) cocktails, cordial staff and awesome guests, Rm Fifty5 proved itself to be a sweet spot for a party- and boy, did we have a ton to celebrate.

Because of the time, brains, energy, and money Freelancers Union member volunteers contributed in 2010, we were able to introduce the Freelancer Payment Protection Act (a.k.a. Deadbeat Client Bill) in Albany and elect our allies in November's elections! These fearless leaders are making freelance fair- now, and years to come. Althea, our Associate Director of Advocacy and Policy took the time to review all of these accomplishments and Executive Director Sara spoke a little bit about how this critical work is reflective of the mutualist spirit- independent workers coming together to build support systems that meet their needs. It was a lovely evening to honor the work of Freelancers Union members; to get pumped for the year ahead; and to recognize a few special volunteers with our first-ever Squeaky Wheel Superlatives. The recipients were:


Update: January Member Meeting

Forgot to mention it in my last post, but my New Year’s resolutions include sleeping more, using my YMCA membership card (though it stays so shiny when it sits in my wallet!) and upping the ante here at Freelancers Union to accomplish as much as possible for independent workers...


Disqus it! Freelancer Bill of Rights

The New Year is in full swing, and we are back at it in Brooklyn working towards freedom and justice for all (freelancers.)

In this spirit, Freelancers Union members gathered at our recent Monthly Member Meetings to craft the Freelancer Bill of Rights. This is part of a larger campaign...


Make It Yours: The Monthly Member Meeting

The days are shorter; the wind is colder; and the New York Marathon is over. But we are just heating up! Here at Freelancers Union, we know that ya’ll are always making things happen at co-working spaces and studios and kitchen tables across New York State. The Advocacy team...


November 2, 2010: Our Big Day through Photos

No, I'm not talking about a wedding! Although, Election Day 2010 did prove to be incredibly exciting and the start of new beginnings for Freelancers Union. Seventy-two of our endorsed candidates won their races and we are looking forward to working with them in the new session. We think...


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