Unemployment on Our Minds

We're being bombarded with depressing news about the economic downturn/recession, and freelancers have clearly been feeling the pinch in their everyday lives.

That may be why it hurts to read what little good news there is, like that "New York Allots another $2 Billion for Unemployment Benefits" or...


Word is Spreading about UBT – Have You Spoken Up?

Phones were ringing all day at Freelancers Union offices in Brooklyn when Mayor Bloomberg announced his proposal to cut taxes for freelancers. I take back what I said about an un-sexy issue: this one's got legs.

The news coverage points out that not only is the UBT generally unfair...


Tax Cut for NY Freelancers?

We are just bursting at the seams with good news these days! Okay, or at least steps-toward-good news. There’s still a recession, two wars, etc., etc.

Mayor Bloomberg gave his State of the City (New York, that is) address this morning, and he proposed ending or reducing the unincorporated...


"Journalist Bailout Program": Free pro blogging accounts for new freelancers

It may sound silly, but TypePad's serious: they're helping out laid-off journalists ("newly-minted freelancers" sounds a little better) by offering free blogging accounts. While the federal government looks after the folks in finance, the "TypePad Journalist Bailout Program" helps out members of the fourth estate.

The program is...


Tips for collecting past-due payments from clients

The Wall Street Journal has a great piece today on how to get what you're owed by clients. As always, the best remedy is prevention: setting clear expectations about payment when you work out your contract. But if the person or company using your services doesn't abide by...


Is barter the future of small business?

Not long ago, the New York Times had an article about how the current economic climate is increasing barter transactions. When cash is short, it may be the best way to ge the goods and services you need--or to keep working even when clients are cash poor.

Of course, bartering...


WNYC: How are freelancers faring in this economy?

Today on WNYC, the Brian Lehrer Show asked, "Do freelancers feel more secure than people with full-time jobs?" Along with listeners who called in to talk about their experiences, Freelancers Union Executive Director Sara Horowitz weighed in on the issues facing independent worker in the downturn economy.

We're glad...


Can Freelancers Have It All -- and Now?

Tim Ferriss writes about (and profits handsomely from) the idea of lifestyle design, applicable for both W-2 types and 1099ers. The basic idea is that you can make a living and pursue your interests and dreams at the same time. Freelancers, whose incomes fluctuate and who don’t get 401...


PIE=Paid In Exposure. Are Freelancers Left Hungry?

Economic conundrum for the freelance community: if our clients’ wallets are thin, should we work for less or no money?

Michelle Goodman (we wrote about her new book when it came out in October) wrote “When to Work for Nothing” for the New York Times’ Shifting Careers column this past...


Freelancers U: Kicking off our fall seminars--online!

Our first seminar of the fall is online, which means that members from across the country can participate.

In the seminar "Take Charge of Your Finances," you'll learn action steps to help you:

Stabilize your cash flow, even with a variable income.

Take control of your spending and get...