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Building supports for freelancers can only happen if we know about you–what you’re doing, how often you’re doing it, why you’re doing it, and what you’re struggling with. That’s why it’s so important that you fill...


An Inside Look at the Endorsement Committee

I have been a regular voter since I turned 18, but I never got close to the nitty-gritty of politics until I was invited last year to serve on the Freelancers Union Endorsement Committee. As Sara has noted elsewhere in this blog, politics isn't always pretty - there have been...


Crafting Campaign Plans and Meeting You!

Campaign season is officially in full swing.

After a brief hiatus to recover from a gnarly fall cold, during which I hunkered down with a box of tissues, hot tea, and the primary results, I’m ready to get rolling for the General Election endorsements. Are you?

Our members sure...


“Open-source” organizing takes hold

Last year, Freelancers Union made its first endorsements, for candidates running in the New York City elections, and supported those candidates with all the traditional tactics: calling members to get out to vote and handing out campaign literature at strategic locations. But this year, for the New York State elections...


Guess Who's Making Headlines?

Happy day, freelancers! Our endorsements are making the news. The City Hall and NY Daily News, to be exact. I know it's not really "cool" to be excited that people are paying attention to you, but I think this is a great, big step for freelancers. It's like...


Sweating It Out with Political Hopefuls

As a fairly recent arrival to NYC from the Connecticut shoreline, I thought I understood East Coast humidity. That is, until I spent the month of July here in the concrete jungle, working my first few weeks as Organizer/Volunteer Coordinator at Freelancers Union.

The last two weeks of July...


Freelancers of the World, Unite! (In Vegas, Baby.)

Our advocacy afficionado extraordinaire, Althea Erickson, has left the swampy streets of New York for the parched pavement of Las Vegas. Why, why you ask, would anyone jump out of the frying pan and into the fire?

It's for Netroots Nation, naturally. Netroots Nation is an annual gathering designed...


Deadbeat Client Bill Introduced in NY

The New York State Senate just introduced S8084, a bill that would at long last grant freelancers the same protections that traditional employees currently enjoy. This remarkable piece of legislation:

* Grants freelancers the same wage protection as traditional employees.
* Requires the Department of Labor to pursue freelancers' unpaid wages.
* Holds...


Labor & Disorder: Special Workers Unit

These stories of deadbeat companies, unpaid wages, and freelancing woe are ripped from the headlines. Well, they're true, at least. And that's why we had to show our members in silhouette! If you believe in protecting freelancers from deadbeat clients, share this video with your friends and other...


Make a Call to End Unpaid Wages!

Next week you have an opportunity to help end unpaid wages in New York. On April 28th and 29th we’re going to reach out to other members who haven’t signed up to end unpaid wages and ask them to get involved.

Don’t worry if you...