All Good Things Must Come to an End

Editor’s Note: Guest blogger Joseph Caserto is the outgoing Member Representative on the Freelancers Union Board of Directors. He’s also a design professional, educator, and consultant. Learn all about him at

Two years ago, Freelancers Union members elected me to represent them on the Board...


Super Beginner's Writing Advice

Editor's note: Guest blogger Kerry Winfrey is an office worker by day, freelance writer by night. Kind of like Flashdance, but she doesn't have to wear a welding mask. She writes about young adult books for HelloGiggles and blogs at her website, Welcome to Ladyville.

When I decided...


Advantage: Freelancers

Editor’s note: Guest blogger Joseph Caserto is the Member Representative on the Freelancers Union Board of Directors. He’s also a design professional, educator, and consultant. Learn all about him at and follow his blog at

Freelancers’ Stock Rises on Madison Avenue...


My First Week of Working from Home

Editor’s note: Guest blogger Joann Klimkiewicz is a writer and Freelancers Union member. This post originally appeared on her blog, where she covers writing, freelancing, and Polish culture.

1. No matter how tempting, do not indulge in the opening “host chat” segment on Live! with Kelly. Sure, you’ll...


Tax Deduction Tips from an Expert – and a Freelancer

Howard Samuels, CPA MST, is a member who regularly presents at Freelancers Union seminars, including the upcoming February 1 seminar, “Tax Deductions and Quarterly Payments.”

As a freelancer receiving untaxed income, there are a lot of deductions you could qualify for that you might not be aware of, so here...


Use a Contract. Every Client. Every Time.

contract-creator-badge.bmp It’s here! Contract Creator has arrived! You can create and customize your own contract with the easy to use template we’ve provided. Contract Creator also comes complete with easy instructions and detailed explanations and is free to all Freelancers Union members.

We will also be posting a series...


Five Reasons to Get Ready for the Beevolution

beevolution.pngThis spring, after a great experience being a part of the Freelancers Union subway ad campaign, I was really looking forward to getting more involved. Here I am six months later with an exciting invitation to get you involved!

Five Reasons to Join the Party

The Beevolution Auction & Networking Party...


Hello from Joe, Our Newest Board Member!

joe_caserto.pngDear Members,

I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the Member Elections last month, and send a special thanks to those of you who voted for me, and supported my campaign. Thanks, too, to Executive Director Sara Horowitz, my fellow Board Members Stephanie Buchanan, Trisala Chandaria, Charles Heckscher...


Guess what? I'm a lobbyist.

Freelancers Union member Lynn Stabile wrote this post before Tuesday's super-lobbying-field trip to Albany - it's a great reflection of why some 60 folks got up before dawn to go with her!albany-lobby-day-may-17-2011-089.JPG

I didn't really know what lobbying was. I'd never looked it up, and just had...


Toward a Self-Replicating Movement

Balin Brandt is a San Francisco-to-Brooklyn transplant with big ideas about freelancing and how to build a sustainable movement that treats freelancers well. He's also one of the members we featured in our Spring 2011 New York City subway ad campaign.You can find Balin's work at...


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