Short-term Jobs in the Recession


Not only is this the year of the Tiger, but it’s also finally the year of the Freelancer, at least in the press. You can’t open up the paper these days without seeing something on the changing workforce, and that’s a good thing in our eyes. Today...


Freelancers Don't Work for Free

We know that freelancers continue to get stiffed while the companies that employ them get off scot free. That’s why we launched a campaign to protect freelancers from unpaid wages.

The media is picking up on the story. The Daily News highlighted the issue and pointed out how we...


Ageism feature on WNYC

It’s hard enough getting a job these days, but age discrimination makes it even harder. Check out today’s feature “Help Wanted: Ageism” on WNYC to learn what ageism is as a legal issue and find out how to combat it as a job seeker.


Fox Asks About Health Care Reform and Freelancers

Fox Business news asks how the passage of the health care bill will affect freelancers. Our founder and Executive Director Sara Horowitz explains that there are two critical changes all freelancers can be thankful for: an end to insurance companies keeping people with pre-existing conditions out of the system, and...


New York Times gives advice for open enrollment

New York members who get insurance through Freelancers Insurance Co. are in the annual open enrollment period right now. Having gone through staff open enrollment myself, I think the New York Times makes a great point about the open enrollment experience, if you can call it that: it's no...


Freelancers Union in the New York Times

On Saturday, the New York Times ran a feature on Freelancers Union and our nationwide expansion. Of course, we're happy to have the coverage, but what really excites us is that the national press is recognizing the importance of independent workers and their issues. We'd love to see...