UBT Watch

We're excited to announce a new website all about the effort to get freelancers exempted from NYC's Unincorporated Business Tax. UBTWatch.org goes live today, with videos, press, and a white paper about the senseless imposition of this tax on independent workers. In a few weeks, we'll...


Why we're always asking about co-ops

Recently, our question of the week in the Forum had to do with co-ops, space shares, and group-purchasing arrangements. Here on the blog, we sometimes write about sharing offices and studios. What do these have to do with one another--and with affordable health insurance?

The simple answer is that everyone...


Forum: Question of the Week

We're trying a new feature in the Freelancers Union Forum. There are certain types of information that we always see members seeking from one another--especially referrals. Now, every week you'll be able to find a Question of the Week at My Membership, and since it's tax season...


Design contest cancelled!

A few weeks ago, we launched a competition to find a new designer for freelancersunion.org, thinking that it would be a good way to get our community of members involved in the redesign of the website. The idea was that people would submit mock-ups of a new homepage, and...


Freelancers Union in the New York Times

On Saturday, the New York Times ran a feature on Freelancers Union and our nationwide expansion. Of course, we're happy to have the coverage, but what really excites us is that the national press is recognizing the importance of independent workers and their issues. We'd love to see...


New Freelancers Union Forum!

Our old message boards were plagued by spam, so, along with single sign in throughout the site, we've relaunched the Forum. We migrated over the most recent content from the old forum, so you can continue your discussions--but feel free to start new ones, too.

Single sign in means...


2007 Freelancers U seminars

You can sign up now for our next series of educational events. This winter and spring, Freelancers U is offering seminars on:

These events sometimes fill up fast, so if you see one you really want to attend, it's not a...


Why your health insurance premium went up

Insurance carriers increase their rates once a year, usually on January 1. Over the past five years, premiums have increased an average of 11% annually, nationwide. We've done our best to keep the rates for our health plans as low as possible, which means that our average is less...


Lessons from labor history, part 2

Yesterday, the staff of Freelancers Union had our second discussion on labor history. (Read the first post here.) In preparation, we read "Open Source Unionism," an influential (and sometimes controversial) essay from 2002, by Richard B. Freeman and Joel Rogers. A version of their argument is available at The Nation...


Ads that didn't make it to the subway

Most New Yorkers know us best for our subway ads. What they don't know is that we have a host of taglines that were too confusing or off-color to see the light of day (or the fluorescent flicker of a subway platform). Here are a few.

  • Screw the corporate...