Getting Played, Not Paid? Use a Contract.

You’ve finished your assignment, you’ve submitted your invoice, and then you wait…. and wait….. and…wait for your check. If phone calls or emails didn't work, you may have even considered going after your clients with butterfly nets or handcuffs. And still, no check. Instead of getting...


Use a Contract. Every Client. Every Time.

contract-creator-badge.bmp It’s here! Contract Creator has arrived! You can create and customize your own contract with the easy to use template we’ve provided. Contract Creator also comes complete with easy instructions and detailed explanations and is free to all Freelancers Union members.

We will also be posting a series...


Five Reasons to Get Ready for the Beevolution

beevolution.pngThis spring, after a great experience being a part of the Freelancers Union subway ad campaign, I was really looking forward to getting more involved. Here I am six months later with an exciting invitation to get you involved!

Five Reasons to Join the Party

The Beevolution Auction & Networking Party...


Would It Kill You to Pick Up the Phone?

pac-phone-bank-goal-blog-photo.JPGMarried to My Phone

I’m going to level with you. I make a lot of calls to a lot of members every week, and while many see it as a chore, it is singularly the most rewarding part of my job.

And I’m not the only one who...


What Defines Freelance Culture?

sara.JPGI’ve been thinking a lot about “culture” lately, and what the culture of freelancers is. I’ve been reading Margaret Mead’s autobiography, Blackberry Winter: My Earlier Years. As a cultural anthropologist, she helped Americans in the 1960s and 1970s think about our own culture by focusing on Samoan...


The Consequences of Job-Juggling

jugglign.jpgIn Gabrielle's recent post on the rise in the number of people working multiple, part-time jobs, she voiced concern about the cumulative strain that juggling multiple jobs might have. As long as full-time jobs are scarce in industries ranging from health care to publishing to insurance,this is likely...


Hello from Joe, Our Newest Board Member!

joe_caserto.pngDear Members,

I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the Member Elections last month, and send a special thanks to those of you who voted for me, and supported my campaign. Thanks, too, to Executive Director Sara Horowitz, my fellow Board Members Stephanie Buchanan, Trisala Chandaria, Charles Heckscher...


The Latest on the Freelancer Payment Protection Act (and a Bit of Civics 101)

This week, we came many steps closer to passing the Freelancer Payment Protection Act (A6698/S4129) in New York State. On Monday, June 20, the last scheduled day of the New York State legislative session, some Freelancers Union staff members took a last-minute road trip to Albany to do one...


DIY - Discount & $1000 Grant Opportunity

The DIY Business Association—a new organization that educates and connects freelancers, artists, and creative small businesses—kicks off with its first event on June 26 at DUMBO Loft and Etsy Labs.

The one-day event will bring together freelance communicators, musicians, innovators of art and craft, Internet and tech gurus...


New tool lets freelancers rate clients and companies

Clients: can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em! Over the years, freelancers have been sharing the challenges that they face in working with clients (a big problem being nonpayment) and we realized that, with an organization this big, we could really do something about it. That’s...