Meet with Comptroller Thompson; network with freelancers

We're having an event at the Bowery Poetry Club on Monday, Sept. 24, where members will be able to ask NYC Comptroller Bill Thompson questions about City government and policy issues, then mingle while enjoying cocktails.

Bowery Poetry Club

You'll recall that Comptroller Thompson is a City official who's been...


Demos Forum: The Trap

Next Tuesday, September 11, Freelancers Union Executive Director Sara Horowitz will take part in a Demos Forum on Daniel Brook's book The Trap. Sara and the author will discuss the growing income gap and American democracy.

The event takes place at Demos (220 5th Ave, 5th Fl., NYC) from...


Watch: Borough President Stringer hears freelancers

Last month, Freelancers Union members and founder Sara Horowitz met with Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer. Borough President Stringer listened as five members of Freelancers Union shared their views and experiences regarding client nonpayment, health care, unemployment insurance, affordable workspace, and more. We've just posted all the videos to...


Professionals teaching professionals

A new program in NYC, called Smart Experience, offers industry-specific education and training for people in the internet, mobile, and software fields. What's interesting about this is that instead of just programming a series of seminars and then recruiting educators, Smart Experience relies on its users: people request...


Saving for a house---as a freelancer

That frequently-emailed article from last Sunday's New York Times about saving up for a downpayment featured a couple of real-life freelancers: Janey Lee and Pablo Agüero. In fact, Janey is a member of Freelancers Union. She and her husband have a design firm, Hanee Designs, and saved up for...


Event tonight for nontraditional homebuyers

If you live in New York City, you know how overwhelming the prospect of buying a home can be. (Just take a look at last weekend's New York Times, which detailed the penny-pinching lengths to which people will go to save up for a downpayment.)

Tonight, though, there's...


NY City Council and Albany pass UBT reform

Friday, June 15, the New York City Council passed a bill to increase the Unincorporated Business Tax credit! This is a victory for freelancers and a first step toward eventually exempting them from the UBT.

The progressively-structured credit will give the greatest relief to middle class taxpayers. Many freelancers will...


Musical chairs for New York's freelance instrumentalists

This weekend, the New York Times ran a feature on the upheaval in the New York music scene caused by Barbra Streisand's upcoming European tour. It's a fascinating glimpse into the complexities of the classical-musician labor market.

58 musicians are being plucked mostly from philharmonics and Broadway orchestras...


Mislabeling of workers costs NY

Just last week, we mentioned that Illinois is cracking down on the misclassification of workers as "independent contractors," which costs the state millions in lost tax revenue. Now New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is doing the same.

This weekend, the New York Times covered the state's efforts to get...


Tuesday: Network with freelancers & a City Council Member

It's drawing near: our second networking event is Tuesday, June 12! The first one was a big hit, so grab a stack of business cards and sign up now. As an added attraction for all you Brooklynites, the event is right here in Freelancers Union's neighborhood, Dumbo.