Note from Sara: Commonwealth Fund slams HSAs---for all the wrong reasons

The Commonwealth Fund has testified in Congress against high deductible health plans.  Of course, they're right when they say we should all have the choice to see any doctor we want for anything we need. 
But the Commonwealth Fund's main objection to HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) is off...


What does affordable housing have to do with affordable insurance?

Today in the New York Times, we read about how the City is working with for-profit real estate developers to create affordable housing. The innovator is Shaun Donovan, the commissioner of the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development.

Shaun Donovan

New York Times

We immediately felt a kinship with...


It's not just New York: freelancing in Wisconsin

"Tax day was Sept. 15 for some of us," writes Bill Berry in The Capital Times, out of Madison, Wisconsin. As freelancers know, another deadline for quarterly estimated taxes just passed.

Berry's article is a timely reminder that that many of the issues that matter to independent workers cut...


Raising the age limit on dependent coverage

An article in yesterday's New York Times examines how people in their 20s are staying on their parents' insurance plans long after they've left home and finished college. In fact, some states are passing laws to allow adults up to the age of 30 to piggyback on their...


Reform unemployment insurance!

Scholars at the Brookings Institution are calling for reform of the unemployment insurance system, according to the New York Times. Freelancers and other self-employed workers aren't eligible to receive benefits under the current system, which is funded by payroll taxes levied on employers. The new proposal says that the...


PPI: Census data spell doom & gloom

Yesterday, the Progressive Policy Institute acknowledged that the social safety net is "no longer catching Americans losing health benefits." (This follows the release of the new census data.) The PPI points to the high cost of coverage as the problem, saying, " The nation saw an upward spiral of costs and...


In the news: price quotes, Labor Day, and legal protections for freelance journalists


Malcolm Gladwell agrees with us

Malcom Gladwell has a great piece in the Aug. 28 issue of The New Yorker on pensions and the failure of the employer-based benefits model. He uses as an example General Motors, which, as it reduces the size of its workforce, creates an increasingly unsustainable "dependency ratio": the number of...


Here's an idea: let's tax freelancers TWICE

Municipal taxation of independent workers rears its ugly head in San Jose, California. The San Jose Mercury News reports that the city is trying to increase revenues by offering "amnesty" to people who haven't paid the local business tax.

According to the Mercury News, though, this tax is so...