Cool or corporate coworking?

Where do you do your work: home, a café, the park? Ever think about doing any of your work at a coworking space? A recent New York Post article, “Space odyssey: NYC coworking spots from cool to corporate” gives you the scoop on a variety of places to check out...


Freelancers, Neuroscience, and Your New Desk

When our Executive Director, Sara Horowitz, met THECUBE London on her journey through freelancer London, we knew these folks were ones to keep our eyes on.

Looks like they're now opening their doors in New York now with WeCreate NYC and kicking off its "neurochemically primed innovation workspace" with...


1099 For Life: We Tailored It Just for You

I'm either a hoarder or a serial joiner with a deep sentimental streak: I have a collection of t-shirts spanning the range from day camp, drama productions, yearbook, soccer, Earth Day, the Grand Canyon, concerts, and friends' bands, to family reunions, and, yes, even Don Quixote.

Some mean the...


Carving Out Your Niche - and Cashing In

I say “nitch”; you might say “neesh”. Either way, one thing that would-be entrepreneurs need to focus on is either taking advantage of the niche opportunities available or carving out your own niche. According to a recent Forbes article, mass market business models won’t grow nearly as fast as...


Introducing: Resources for Freelancers

Quick: What tax forms do independent workers need to file? What’s the difference between a Solo 401(k) and a SEP IRA (or Freelancers Union’s own retirement plan for freelancers)?

If it took you a little while to figure out the answers, you’re not alone. Freelancers in...


Doing Your Taxes this Weekend?

Just in case you’re doing your taxes this weekend, here’s a round up of hints and tips for creative freelancers. The Internal Revenue Service, has produced The Virtual Small Business Tax Workshop (a series of 9 videos) especially for the self employed. Watch them here. The FreshBooks blog...


Self-Employed Childcare Workers

I have to say, I’ve spent a good deal of time poring through government employment data, but I was pretty floored to see that 33% of childcare workers are self-employed, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data reported by U.S. News & World Report this week.



The World's Easiest Invoicing Tool

Got 5 minutes to spare? That's plenty of time to create a clean, professional looking invoice by using Billable: a nifty new web app that gives you a blank slate template that you can edit, then save as a PDF or print.

You can find other great productivity tools...


Writing a Business Plan

This great post originally appeared on The Etsy Blog. You can follow their business success series for creatives via RSS or email, too.

Do you have a business plan? If it's like mine, it's a collection of brilliant and amazing ideas — in your head. It’s easy to...


Interview with Heather Parlato on Freelancing

To wrap up this week-long series on the Creative Freelancer Blog going from F/T to F/T freelancing, listen to this podcast/interview with CFC veteran, Heather Parlato, of Parlato Design Studio in Los Angeles.

In this conversation, Heather reveals how she made the transition from a full-time job...