The best of Best Practices

A website we occasionally link to, Best Practices, has just celebrated its one-year anniversary with a roundup of top posts. Visit the site for info on:

  • Pricing for web design

  • Phone vs. email for communicating with clients

  • Figuring out whether to go freelance as a web designer

Happy birthday, Best...


Professionals teaching professionals

A new program in NYC, called Smart Experience, offers industry-specific education and training for people in the internet, mobile, and software fields. What's interesting about this is that instead of just programming a series of seminars and then recruiting educators, Smart Experience relies on its users: people request...


How to get free long-distance calling

If you run a home-based business, there's a good chance you have to make long-distance calls to reach some of your clients. In the New York Times, David Pogue breaks down the best services for free long distance over the internet. His recommendations:

As far as...


How to Find New Work

Last week I met up for coffee with a friend from college on a mission to pick my brain. He's a radio journalist conducting an unusually thorough search for new work. He came to New York City for a week from his home in Texas and got in touch...


Innovations for entrepreneurs in Massachusetts

The Enterprise Center, based in Salem, MA, is an interesting model for providing resources for entrepreneurs. They offer tons of workshops and educational seminars for people looking to start or grow their businesses, and they even sponsor a business plan competition to encourage the development of new enterprises. (Business plan...


Panel discussion for new journalists

If you're new to journalism or are thinking of starting a career as a freelancer, stop by a panel discussion next Wednesday night in Manhattan. "Career Tracks: A panel for student and young journalists on making your way in the changing media landscape" will cover corporate ownership, new media...


Fortune's business plan competition

Fortune Magazine has opened up its annual business plan competition, so that it now allows entries from entrepreneurs who aren't in business school. Winning the contest doesn't guarantee any cash prizes, but it does confer the kind of notoriety that often attracts funding. It's worth considering business...


100 essential web apps for freelancers

Codswallop offers "The Freelancer's Toolset." Check out their list of the 100 best web resources for freelancers. There are tools to help with tasks ranging from organization to finance to marketing. A sampling:


The Self-Promoter

As a freelancer, I'm cool with the idea that I need to be my own supervisor, mentor, HR person, and accountant (mostly). But it's hard to get myself to devote the same quality time to marketing and self-promotion. As I work on redesigning my blog this week and...


The multi-faceted freelancer

You may not be quite as secretive about your alter ego as Clark Kent, but it can be a delicate matter to reveal your second (or third, or fourth...) professional identity to a client. The New York Times's new small business section has a feature today on just that...