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Elizabeth K., Artist, New York, NY

"I'm still owed money from work I completed last year (2011). Not worth working here if they refuse to pay in a timely manner. "

Reviewed on 11/14/2012

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"Used to be Edgeworx, Inc. Claimed bankruptcy, stiffed a ton of freelancers, then re-opened as an LLC. Still owes those freelancers from over 2 years ago. I'm currently waiting on payment for work I completed in the end of 2011 in an amount over 5K. BEWARE. They had a reputation of stiffing freelancers. Looks like they are back to their old tricks. Its a real shame, cause the work they do is good and I always enjoyed it. But if they owe me, they probably owe others, and they will just do the same to new freelancers. You've been warned. Get a contract with them, if you do work with them. Keep records. They've been known for shady business ethics. If you don't do those things with this studio, you are just hurting yourself."

Reviewed on 5/31/2012

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