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Nat U., Organizer, Baltimore, MD

"National Union of Organizers (NUO) members worked for the TruCorps predecessor Prewitt Organizing Fund under a collective bargaining agreement. When NUO sought to negotiate a contract renewal, all members were fired. Unfair Labor Practice charges were settled by an NLRB mediated settlement agreement which included card check recognition to re-establish the NUO bargaining unit. POF principals effectively delayed implementation of the agreement while setting up a new entity to circumvent its obligationns. Anyone who has had any recent contact with TruCorps should contact NUO at "

Reviewed on 5/24/2013

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"This company hires progressive organizers all over the nation. I and my coworkers were repeatedly shorted on paychecks, reimbursements were slow, and they would argue over paying reimbursements that their client we were working for had approvd. Plus, they made false promises of permanent work to con people into leaving their jobs with other employers to work for them. A terrible experience. "

Reviewed on 5/05/2011

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