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For an exclusive offer, enjoy a free month membership to MacPaw, giving you access to top-notch software designed to optimize your digital life.

Say goodbye to cluttered desktops and sluggish performance with CleanMyMacX (with the built-in Moonlock engine to eliminate malware), gain access to a curated collection of productivity apps with Setapp, and experience seamless internet access and privacy with ClearVPN. Elevate your productivity and efficiency as a freelancer, all while ensuring your devices are organized and perform at their best.

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Below you can find a selection of easy to use tech tools to optimize your digital life.


CleanMyMac X by MacPaw is your key to a smoother and safer Mac experience. With features to remove junk and defend against malware, it’s trusted by over 30 million users to maintain their device’s health.

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Boost your freelance game with Setapp. 240+ Mac and iOS curated apps, one flat monthly fee. Setapp is your shortcut to streamlined workflows and simpler tasks. All updates and premium features included. Your productivity, upgraded.

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CleanMy®Phone is an iPhone cleaner app designed to free up space and organize your photo gallery. It carefully trims clutter like duplicates, similars and blurs, to store your happiest moments in a neat and organized library.

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ClearVPN is an effortless VPN solution that helps you stay secure and private on any network. Access content worldwide with ClearVPN’s trusted and fast servers. Enjoy your favorite streaming services wherever you are.

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Moonlock is a cybersecurity division of MacPaw, that focuses on macOS security. Moonlock creates easy-to-use tools for everyone to ensure their digital safety. Moonlock Engine — powers CleanMyMac, protecting more than 30 million users worldwide from malware.

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In partnership with the Freelancers Union, MacPaw has designed a special collection of resources to help the freelance community make the most of their Apple technology. Freelancers Union members receive 30 days of free unlimited access to CleanMyMacX and Setapp. Get access to the apps + explore more free resources for Union members to upgrade your Apple experience as a freelancer.


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