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Benefits like Family or Medical leave. It's time for a change!

What are our Paid Family & Medical Leave community sharing plans?

Paid Family & Medical Leave Community Sharing Plans allow Freelancers to earn an income if they get sick, hurt, or need to care for family. Whether you’re welcoming a new child, quarantined, isolated, or down and out with a medical condition, your income doesn’t need to suffer!

How does Freelancers Union make these plans work for the ‘freelance population’?

Community Support that’s Premium-Free

Members only pay when there is a genuine need among members. We collect the required cumulative amount, as needed, up to the personal participation cap you set.

Fixed Compensation Rates & Less Paperwork

There is no need to prove your loss of income or send us all of those 1099 forms! Just let us know what your Family & Medical Event is. Once the event is approved, we collect the total contribution for your benefit.

Total Control and Full Transparency

Members know precisely where their contributions go and how it empowers the community.

Straightforward Process

All processes are automated to make life easier for you. We all know bureaucracy and procrastination do not contribute to better health, so we scrap them.

What is community sharing?

Inspired by the modern sharing economy, this cost-sharing model is an innovative, non-insurance Peer-to-Peer solution centering on Member-to-Member support.

In our community, Freelancers Union Members voluntarily support one another’s financial and physical health by sharing during times of loss of income due to family leave (Childbirth, Serious Illness of a close relative, and Covid-19 quarantine or isolation) and medical leave (severe illness and disability for oneself).

Up to 15 weeks of income compensation for family & medical leave
Community Sharing
Members help each other gain family & medical leave payments
Fast & Easy!
This is not your typical Insurance! No verification of income or days of leave is necessary
Affordable Monthly
Structured so you SAVE every month through sharing!

Still hesitating? We'll help you decide!

Different illnesses or injuries supported!
Rated 4.9 among community members
Average cost (Max. Participation Cap) per member a day
Peace of mind and security

How Paid Family & Medical Leave Co-Sharing Works?

Freelancers Union’s Members Work Together

The professionals of the Freelancers Union community designed their own terms for Paid Family & Medical Leave, helping keep costs down and getting you the best value.

Pay “As-Needed” Contributions

You only pay into the plan when there is an actual, approved need among community members. Once approved, we only collect the required cumulative amount, up to a maximum agreed cap.

Sharing and Paying Members in Need

Members’ contributions are collected into a trust account and then transferred to members in need, as per the Paid Family & Medical Leave Plan.


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1 Service and administration is given to members by Covary Inc. Warning: Covary Inc. is not an insurance company and Covary’s plans are not issued or offered by an insurance company. While every effort is made to meet member’s needs according to the plans, Covary and its members do not guarantee payment of any compensation or assisted amount. This and other information are contained in Covary’s Terms of Use and Plans - Please read carefully before you join.

2 Freelancers Union, Inc. (FU) is not a licensed insurance agent or insurer. Freelancers Union contracts with Covary Inc. to provide you with community sharing protection. The information on this Website about plans' benefits is a summary of applicable terms and conditions that is provided for general informational purposes only. The terms of any products are governed solely by the applicable Member Contract. In the event of any inconsistency between information provided on this Website and the specifics provisions of the Member Contract, the Member's Contract shall govern.

3 Max. Participation Cap. estimated amount shown is gross, not net of income taxes.

4 Eligibility for individual participation in the community sharing plans, additional services and qualifications for services is subject to underwriting, exclusions, limitations and reduction-of-services provisions and determined on a case-by-case basis.

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