Simplify Your Employment with Opolis

We know freelancers want to spend their time building their businesses, and not on administrative work.

Opolis eases the stress of independent work by providing an integrated employment platform for freelancers looking to build their businesses.

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Here’s why freelancers choose Opolis:

  • Access to high-quality medical and retirement benefits
  • Proof of income with semi-monthly paystubs and an annual W2
  • Compliant tax withholding and remittance

Control Your Employment With Opolis

Created by Independents,
For Independents

  • Opolis provides proof of income, health benefits, and retirement savings options that travel with you.
  • Opolis compliantly withholds and remits the appropriate taxes at the right time.
  • Freelancers can maintain their competitive edge by focusing on income generation because their administrative tasks are handled.

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There are no setup fees or hidden costs

About Opolis

Opolis Makes Freelancing Easy

Opolis is a member-owned platform for employment. With Opolis, independent workers maintain freedom and flexibility, while replicating the safety and security of a traditional W2 job. You can still choose your own adventure, while owning your employment.

From incorporating your entity to receiving a W2 at the end of the tax year, Opolis enables you to achieve sustainable independence.

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Opolis FAQS


There are no setup fees or hidden costs when it comes to becoming a Member. The only upfront cost is $20 to purchase one (1) share of the Opolis Employment Commons’ common stock. After becoming a Member the only fee is the 1% community fee on payroll & benefit consumption.

Currently, Employee Membership is limited to individuals who are qualified to work in the United States.

In order to become an employee who is qualified to partake in group employment benefits, you must be classified as a W2 employee. There is no way around this while being compliant with healthcare insurance underwriting guidelines. Don’t worry, the savings are more than worth it in 90%+ of situations!

With Membership, you have access to all types of insurance you would expect in a traditional employment benefits package:

  • Group Medical + Vision Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Term-Life Insurance (Enhanced)
  • Unemployment Insurance – State & Federal
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Disability Insurance (Short & Long Term)
  • Term-Life Insurance (Basic)


  1. Opolis services are available to freelancers authorized to work in the United States
  2. The Employment Commons is a Limited Cooperative Association registered in the State of Colorado. Its purpose is to provide benefits, payroll and shared services for independent workers. Opolis, Inc. is the elected “Trustee” which provides services (administrative, marketing, technology) to the Commons and its Members. Together we are the Opolis Employment Commons.
  3. In order to realize any employment benefits you must become an Employee Member of the Opolis Employment Commons. All Employee Members must purchase one (1) share of the Opolis Employment Commons’ common stock for $20.
  4. Members pay a 1% Community Fee that is calculated by the total consumption of their services (payroll + benefits).