We fight to amplify the
voices of 60 million
independent workers

in the U.S.

We know freelancers are special, and we won’t rest until everyone else does, too. Since its founding in 1995, Freelancers Union has fought for and won protections for independent workers. In partnership with our 501(c)3, Working Today, we help build safeguards, benefits, a voice, and solidarity for the changing workforce, to make freelancing fair.

Policy Advocacy

What We’re Fighting For

The Freelance Isn’t Free Law

Non-payment violates a basic agreement we have here in this country: work deserves pay.

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Paid Leave

Life happens and when it does, EVERYONE deserves to be covered.

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NYC Human Rights Law

Working in environments where you feel respected, valued, and safe should be a given.

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Pandemic Unemployment Insurance

Prior to 2020, freelancers were unable to access unemployment benefits. We changed that.

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Freelancing IN America Today

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Data & Research

There is Power in Numbers

It is time for freelancers to be acknowledged for the substantial contributions they provide to economies across the country. We’re certain that when data identifies our numbers, issues, and the economic activity we contribute to our communities, it will take us in the right direction.

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