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Freelancers aren’t just shaping the future of work, they are the backbone of the economy. More than one in three Americans freelanced last year and in five years, the independent workforce grew by 7%.

Americans freelanced last year

hours Americans spend freelancing each week

contributed annually to the economy by freelancing

Freelancers Union is thrilled to announce that as of March 2, Rafael Espinal will be our next Executive Director!

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Freelance Isn't Free

In 2017, Freelancers Union successfully campaigned for New York City’s landmark legislation against nonpayment.

A Political Voice

We produce extensive research that influences policy on behalf of 56.7 million freelancers across the United States.


2020 open enrollment for health insurance is underway. Sign up for plans before the December 15 deadline!

Freelancers Union has been advocating on independent workers' behalf since 1995, giving our members access to education, resources, community, benefits, and a political voice.

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New York City freelancers, join us in DUMBO, Brooklyn, for free coworking, business workshops, legal and financial advice, networking, and more!

We are proud to offer accident insurance through Trupo, which is led by Freelancers Union’s founder, Sara Horowitz and partially owned by Freelancers Union.

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