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Why stay home when you can join us in DUMBO, Brooklyn, for 8 free coworking days per month, as well as educational workshops, legal and financial assistance, and networking — all for free? And if you have expertise to share with the community, go one better than a blog post and pitch a class.

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A freelancer is only as strong as their network, so grow yours and keep your skills razor sharp at our monthly SPARK events in 25 cities across the country. RSVP for the next event on the first Wednesday of every month or pay it forward by becoming a SPARK leader.

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Remember when you crafted an email signature that messaged just the right mix of "Please hire me" and "I'm kind of a big deal"? Help the community out by showing them how you did it. From opinion pieces on current event to productivity hacks, personal stories, creative inspo, and health & wellness, inquiring independents want to know.

Advocate for All of Us

Through our advocacy and education efforts, Freelancers Union seeks to improve the lives of freelancers every day. That means you, so help us out. Help us advocate for legislative change and a better future for freelancers by sharing your experiences and concerns with us.

Support Freelance Isn't Free

The Freelance Isn't Free law took effect in NYC on May 15, 2017, establishing groundbreaking protections for freelancers from late and nonpayment. If you are in NYC, we urge you to use the law. And if you're not, learn about its provisions and take action in your city.

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Through advocacy efforts like Freelance Isn't Free, as well as benefits, education, and services, we help freelancers across all industries help themselves -- from graphic designers and contractors to entrepreneurs and moonlighters. Put your money where your future is and donate.

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