EmblemHealth NY Essential Plans

Plans with more affordable premiums than medal tiers for those who qualify, and no lock-out dates

Plan Requirements and Availability:

  • To qualify for Essential Plans, your individual income must be between $17,237-$24,980
  • Essential Plans are for adults only between the ages of 19 and 64. If married, each person must purchase their own plan
  • Essential Plans are available within the eight down-state counties: Bronx, Kings, Manhattan, Nassau, Queens, Richmond, Suffolk and Westchester
  • You can enroll in an Essential Plan at any time of the year

Call 888-447-9883 TTY: 711 (8am to 8pm, seven days a week) to speak to someone about EmblemHealth Essential Plans to find the right plan for your needs and budget.

Essential Plans

You can get plans with:

  • $0 deductible
  • Premiums can range between $0-$20
  • Essential Plans are on the Enhanced Care Prime network, which is more streamlined than medal tier plans
  • Option to buy up for dental/vision coverage
  • Offers telemedicine and all medical services that are available on the Qualified Health Plans
For more information, call EmblemHealth:

Essential Plans

You can enroll in an Essential Plan at any time of the year. The Essential Plan is processed by plan year, so if you enrolled in June 2019, you will renew in June 2020. There are no enrollment periods or lock-out dates. This means that if your Essential Plan terminates due to nonpayment or other issues, you can rejoin the following month or later in the year.

Enrollment in Essential Plans is also retroactive: if you enroll before the 15th of the month, that whole month will be covered. And regardless of the date, the entire month of termination will be covered.

Fine Print - Lawyers Made Us Do It!

Freelancers Union, Inc. (FU) is not a licensed insurance agent. Freelancers Insurance Agency (FIA), a wholly owned subsidiary of FU, is a licensed health insurance producer in New York, California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Texas, Georgia, and Florida, and is the agent of record for dental sales in these states only. FIA contracts with HealthPlanServices, Inc. (HPS), a nationally licensed insurance producer. Other than in New York, HPS is acting as the health insurance agent of record for health (medical) insurance. In New York, FIA is the agent of record. HPS pays royalty fees to FU for the use of its intellectual property, which are used for the general purposes of FU.

FIA is a licensed producer in the lines of Property and Casualty insurance in New York, California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, and Georgia only. FIA contracts with Hiscox Inc., a nationally licensed insurance producer. Other than New York, California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, and Georgia, Hiscox is acting as the insurance agent of record.

All New York individual health insurance plans on this site provide in-network only coverage, except for urgent or emergency care depending on the carrier's policies. Only plan highlights are shown. Coverage is subject to all terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions set forth in the contract of insurance.

You should consider your needs when selecting products. FU does not make specific product recommendations for individuals. Each insurer has sole responsibility for its products. FU and FIA are not insurers.

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