Freelancer tax tips

A regular on our seminar series circuit, Howard Samuels, is also giving tax tips for freelancers on a New York Times blog. Post your questions and read responses here.

You can also experience the wisdom of the man himself at our February 25 seminar in New York, Preparing Your Federal...


Let Me Say This About That: What we did in 2009

Last year was full of firsts and milestones for our members and organization. We grew by leaps and bounds, reaching 130,000 members nationwide; members met us and each other at our first in-person events in California; we made big strides in our political engagement, winning our fight against the...


For digital media enthusiasts

What’s up with digital media? If you’re interested in learning more about the financing, distribution, and marketing of digital media, sign up for a February 24 presentation, The Economics of Digital Media, by the Writers Guild of America, East and the Paley Center for Media. For questions or...


February 10 Tax Seminar

We're here to help make taxes as fun as a trip to Disneyland. Seriously, we even have an accountant dressed up as Minnie Mouse.

After attending our February 10 seminar, Preparing Your Federal Tax Return: Form 1040 and Schedule C, you'll be on your way to becoming that...


A Question of Ethics

While staff positions at newspapers are coveted by many, there are reasons to love being a freelancer. You’re able to pursue the topics that interest you the most, work with all kinds of publications, and depending on your gig, you have a fairly flexible schedule. However, freelance work is...


Election season comes early this year.

In just a few days, over 1,000 Freelancers Union members will have the opportunity to share their vision for New York by voting for their representatives in Albany.

There are four special elections taking place on February 9 to replace state Assembly members in Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, and Westchester...


Your calls and votes already made a difference!

Ever wonder what all those election emails, phone calls and mailings got us this past fall?

Well, today I’ve got a good answer.

Last fall we endorsed a lot of fantastic candidates, and some of the best were those that were running for the first time, in open seats...


Thanks, volunteers!

Last night's volunteer thank-you event was a good-time-had-by-all kind of party, and not just because we saw a certain tall, sunglasses-wearing basketball celebrity in the elevator on our way up to the lounge.

There was a mix of volunteers old and new, from people who've probably worn through...


Lesson learned . . . . Ouch.

This week, a friend of mine who wasn't feeling well went to see the doctor, and the doctor thought she really ought to go to the Emergency Room to see about getting some additional tests.

"I don't have any insurance," my friend said. "Where should I go?"



Yikes! It’s tax time (again)

If you have no clue when it comes to filing your taxes but want to make sure you’re squared away with the tax man, Freelancers Union is here to help you and is offering both an online and an in-person seminar to show you a clear path toward tax...