Does this blog make me look bad?

Like many of you, we're keeping an eye on the blog, member chatter, and the forums. To be honest, it hasn't always been an easy read. Given the level of vitriol from a few of our members, some supporters have asked why we keep the negative comments on...


That’s What I’m Sayin’, Wall Street Journal

As this opinion piece in the WSJ circulated around our office this morning, it was a heartening to see the national conversation talk about the big-picture changes affecting our workforce and social safety net.

Senator Wyden and Dr. Emanuel write that our health insurance system is outdated because workers now...


FIC Plans: What if I’m hospitalized?

All five FIC health plans limit the amount you will have to pay out of pocket for a hospital stay. Let’s assume you go to a hospital that is in the BlueCard PPO® network:

  • If you are on one of the PPO plans, you will be responsible for your...


FIC Plans: What’s the difference between a copay and coinsurance? Do both apply at once?

A copay is a set dollar amount that you will pay each time you receive a service. For example, paying $30 or $50 each time you see your doctor for an office visit. For FIC’s PPO plans, if a copay applies to a specific service, no deductible or coinsurance...


A Message from Sara: The Future of Empire POS Direct

Some of you have asked Freelancers Union to offer the Empire POS Direct plan, or a similar plan, in 2009.  Though I know this isn’t the answer you want to hear, I’m going to give it to you straight.  We will no longer offer that plan.  Let me...


A Message from Sara: Why should I trust Freelancers Insurance Company?

Some members have raised concerns about the viability of Freelancers Insurance Company. I’d like to put some of those worries to rest.

First, FIC holds $16 million in capital reserves. Those reserves sit in the bank and serve only as back-up in case FIC needs extra funds. For every...


Deductibles, Coinsurance, and Out-of-Pocket Maximums: A Guide for FIC’s PPO Plans

The below information applies to PPO 1, PPO 2, and PPO 3, not to the HD plans. Remember, when you use an in-network provider, your coinsurance and deductibles are applied to the provider’s negotiated, in-network rate, not the “retail” price.

  • Deductible (in-network): A deductible is the amount you pay...


A Message from Sara: Just the facts

There’s been a lot of discussion among members about the switch to FIC, and we’ve noticed some confusion. I’ve taken the time to correct some of the most common myths here.

If you don’t understand something about the new benefits, ask Member Services or look at...


A Message from Sara: Building for the Future: Health Care & Solidarity

In building FIC, we incorporated the most successful labor strategies, such as mutual insurance, cooperatives, and labor unions, to direct our vision of pooling economic power to provide long-term sustainability and improving strength. We have created FIC to bring our members together in solidarity to collectively pool our economic power...


A Message from Sara: Balancing benefits and premiums

Since we launched yesterday, I have been reading your posts and talking to members. From those conversations, I will be blogging about what made us start an insurance company, what our strategy is, and why it will be ultimately more sustainable than relying on the traditional insurance industry.

I know...