Should We Be Going Dutch?

dutch.jpgWe just had the pleasure of our first meeting with Linde Gonggrijp, the director of FNV Zelfstandigen, which is the independent-worker arm of the Dutch Trade Union Federation.

Though the FNV is a traditional trade union with a history of focusing on craftsmanship, Linda is interested in questions of how...


More People, More Pull: How Big is the Independent Workforce?

government.jpgYou can’t fix what you can’t count, so Freelancers Union has been pushing the government to do a better job counting freelancers. Our new policy paper, which was highlighted by Businessweek, is a call to action for the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to consistently and accurately count...


What Defines Freelance Culture?

sara.JPGI’ve been thinking a lot about “culture” lately, and what the culture of freelancers is. I’ve been reading Margaret Mead’s autobiography, Blackberry Winter: My Earlier Years. As a cultural anthropologist, she helped Americans in the 1960s and 1970s think about our own culture by focusing on Samoan...


Skyping with UK Freelancers

sara.JPGIt’s amazing what you can accomplish with technology in a single morning. Instead of spending hours flying over the Atlantic, I was able to “meet” (via Skype) with staffers from PCG (Professional Contractors Group), a London-based professional association for freelancers, contractors, and consultants. I had been fortunate enough to...


Visual Effects Society Steps Up and Takes On Hollywood Over Benefits, Working Conditions and Credits

visual-effects-logo.png When the director gets back from location and sees a microphone-in-picture or a lighting case not supposed to be there, you have a problem. That’s when you go looking for a VFX artist. That same VFX artist can also let a bald guy grow an afro or make aliens...


Who, Us? We're Just a Powerful New Union, That’s All.


If you didn’t catch all the reporting-from-the-scenes #LobbyDay action on Twitter last week, I’ll fill you in on one our most successful advocacy actions yet! Last Tuesday, dozens of brave, dedicated freelancers got up before dawn and braved the rain to lobby for the Freelancer Payment Protection Act...


Guess what? I'm a lobbyist.

Freelancers Union member Lynn Stabile wrote this post before Tuesday's super-lobbying-field trip to Albany - it's a great reflection of why some 60 folks got up before dawn to go with her!albany-lobby-day-may-17-2011-089.JPG

I didn't really know what lobbying was. I'd never looked it up, and just had...


1099 For Life: We Tailored It Just for You

I'm either a hoarder or a serial joiner with a deep sentimental streak: I have a collection of t-shirts spanning the range from day camp, drama productions, yearbook, soccer, Earth Day, the Grand Canyon, concerts, and friends' bands, to family reunions, and, yes, even Don Quixote.

Some mean the...


Freelancing in the UK, Part 3: "The Voice of Freelancing"

The last item on my tour of freelance London was a visit with the PCG (Professional Contractors Group), "the voice of freelancing in the UK." They are, as far as I can see, the only freelancers group that is as formally structured, staffed, and financed an organization in the world...


Freelancing in the UK, Part 2: Out of the Cubicle, Into the Cube

I met with THE CUBE today. If you had asked me before, I would have said it's a co-working site -- but that was before I met founder Araceli Camargo. To the extent I understand, she's working off theories based in neurology and other “-ologies” to promote what just...