Panel discussion for new journalists

If you're new to journalism or are thinking of starting a career as a freelancer, stop by a panel discussion next Wednesday night in Manhattan. "Career Tracks: A panel for student and young journalists on making your way in the changing media landscape" will cover corporate ownership, new media...


Supporting the urban middle class

Today on WNYC, guests on the Brian Lehrer Show addressed challenges facing the middle class in American cities. (You can listen online.) The broadcast was of a taped event that featured representatives from Atlanta, New York, and Washington, DC.

We think that discussions of making cities livable for the middle...


Networking event June 12

Join fellow Freelancers Union members, along with special guest David Yassky of the New York City Council, for a networking event in Brooklyn! It'll be a great opportunity to meet other freelancers and swap business cards, as well as to bend the ear of an official in the City...


The UBT: it really is "a kick in the pants"

In today's New York Sun, economist Scott Moody opines on the fiasco that is the UBT. "The story of the Unincorporated Business Tax shows how it is nearly impossible to get rid of a tax once it is put in place, even if it is a bad one," he...


UBT Watch

We're excited to announce a new website all about the effort to get freelancers exempted from NYC's Unincorporated Business Tax. goes live today, with videos, press, and a white paper about the senseless imposition of this tax on independent workers. In a few weeks, we'll...


What's up in Maine

A front page story in today's New York Times summarizes the challenges that have faced the universal coverage effort in Maine.

Unsurprisingly, health care has turned out to cost more than the state government there originally projected. One reason is that "premiums have increased, not become more affordable, because...


City Council hearing: video highlights

On Monday, the New City Council Committee on Small Business held a landmark hearing: "Improving the Economic Environment for Freelancers and Independent Workers." A key theme was the onerousness of the Unincorporated Business Tax, a 4% tax that hits many freelancers on top of their federal, state, and local income...


City Council hears freelancers!

Freelancers Union thanks Comptroller Bill Thompson (left), Councilmember David Yassky (right), and Finance Commissioner Martha Stark for their participation in today's hearing on the independent workforce.

Comptroller Thompson's compelling testimony, which opened the proceedings, was based on the findings of his office's recent report on independent workers...


NY Sun covers proposal to reform UBT

The UBT, or unincorporated business tax, is a bane to many New York freelancers. (Briefly, it's a City tax aimed at LLCs and other partnerships, but it ends up hitting many successful sole proprietors, as well. You can learn more in our report on tax challenges.)

This morning, the...


Reminder: City Council hearing on Monday!

Don't forget! This Monday the New York City Council will be holding an unprecedented hearing, entitled, "Improving the Economic Environment for Freelancers and Independent Workers." There will be Freelancers Union members there testifying alongside founder Sara Horowitz, and dozens more will be packing the City Council chamber.

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